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How to privatize your website in WP

Here is a fundamental way to make your WordPress site private. Check out the link below. https://www.websiteplanet.com/blog/how-to-make-wordpress-private/
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Hiding the admin bar for a specific user

Here is how you can hide the WordPress admin bar on the frontend of a specific user. Click on the radio button to disable the admin bar.
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How to limit the character count of the paragraph text

Instead of showing the whole text paragraph from the post entry, here is how you can limit the character count. Select the text class container/wrapper and apply this CSS snippet.
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Essential WordPress plugins and themes

Here is an ever-growing or updated list of my essential WordPress plugins. Custom Coding Page Builders Animations Custom post type Add-ons Members Productivity Optimization SEO
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How to apply global style settings in Bricks

This is how you apply the global theme, like the colors and typography style you just created. In the conditions nav, select "Entire Website".
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System information for Bricks Builder

Here is the Bricks Builder recommended system settings.